Marengo battle

Lannes (front) and Victor ready to receive the Austrians











Haddik and O´Reillys approach march         

Klaus Konrad 3. battle in Italy

The journal of Klaus Konrad had been upgraded from a small black book to a A4 data record with names of all his soldiers and with room for medals and future stories of glory.

The battle had been going back and forth and Klaus was back where he had started out loosing the patrol to the gum chewing us boys. He had gained the upper hand in the last battle when they had tried to pass his position to the north. So he was back in no man´s land.

After action report from wed. 29

After action report.
The side road to Caen.

RIGHT FLANK. Beginning.

Somewhere in western Lombardy june 1800

French Troops assault Piemontese fortifications across the river

In the end the Piemontese crumble under the pressure

Austrian chevauleger deploy to delay french cavalry appearing in the distance

Bocage 6mm and 6mm Roads


Well am still working on my bocage for my planned 44 games around St Lo. Here are some photos.

Below is what I have done, am working on putting the trees in the hedges and am also working on another batch of bocage so I should have double this.


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