Flags for the American War of Independence

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Flags for the American War of Independence. Even though the American War of Independence is a relatively new period to the DMWS we have by now produced a number of flags for the regiments. All flags have been produced based on the flags available at Ian Croxalls Warfalg site and some of them are replicats of flags appearing on the Warflag site, only modified slightly. We have tried to make the british flags closely adhering to the Royal Warrant of 1768 (as desribed in Lawson's A History of the Uniforms of the Bristish Amry) but in some cases minor adjustments have been made. Most of the loyalist flags are speculative as well as a number of the patriot flags. Other patriot flags have been based on information from Richardsons' Standards and Colors of the American Revolution. As at Ian Croxalls site, these flags need to be scaled down before printing. For 15mm figures we use a scaling factor of 40 tp 45 percent.
Flags for the british forces Printing the flags
  1. Foot Guards [1]
  2. Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards [1]
  3. 2nd Regiment of Foot (Queens Royal Regiment) [2]
  4. 3rd Regiment of Foot (The Buffs)
  5. 4th Regiment of Foot (Kings Own)
  6. 5th Regiment of Foot
  7. 8th Regiment of Foot (Kings Regiment)
  8. 18th Regiment of Foot (Royal Irish)
  9. 23rd Regiment of Foot (Royal Welsh Fusiliers)
  10. 26th Regiment of Foot (Cameronians) [3]
  11. 27th Regiment of Foot (Enniskillens)
  12. 29th Regiment of Foot
  13. 33rd Regiment of Foot
  14. 42nd Regiment of Foot (Royal Highland)
  15. 44th Regiment of Foot
  16. 63rd Regiment of Foot
  17. 64th Regiment of Foot
  18. 84th Regiment of Foot (Royal Highland Emigrants) [4]
  19. 16th Regiment of Horse (Queens Light Dragoons)
Once a flag is downloaded you probably want to resize it in order for it to match your miniatures. As menioned above, these flags are based on flags from Ian Croxalls Warfalg site and therefore the same scaling of 40-45 percent applies for these flags as well for 15mm miniatures. Once you get the flag into your image software you have several options for scaling the file. Almost all programs have the option of resampling the image. By resampling the image you actually blur the image since indivdual pixels in the image will be assigned new values based (often) on the neighbouring pixels. In the illustration below you can see the effect of resampling an image.

resampling an image

Even though the general patterns are still recognizable, manu details are smothered against the background. Rather than letting your software resample the image, many programs offers the option of changing the PRINT SIZE rather than the actual image size. This way you leave it up to the computer and your printer to do all the resizing that you want - and they do a much better job of it.
Flags for the german forces
  1. Infanterie Regiment Von Ansbach Bayreuth
  2. Fusilier Regiment Von Knüphausen [5]
  3. Kavalerie Regiment Prinz Ludwig
  4. Grenadier Battalion von Miningerode [6]
  5. Infanterie Regiment Von Bose [5]
Flags for the loyalist forces
  1. Butlers Rangers
  2. Kings Armeican Regiment [6]
  3. Kings Loyal New York Regiment [6]
  4. Queens Rangers Regiment of Foot
  5. Queens Rangers Regiment of Horse [5]
  6. Roman Catholic Volounteers Regiment [6]
  7. The Iroquese Nations [7]
Flags for the patriot forces Suggested reading
  1. 2nd Maryland Regiment
  2. 2nd New Jersey Regiment
  3. 2nd South Carolina Regiment
  4. 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment
  5. 3rd Connecticut Regiment
  6. 3rd New Hampshire Regiment
  7. 7th Pennsylvania Regiment
  8. 8th Virginia Regiment
  9. 11th Virginia Regiment
  10. La Fayette's Light Infantry
  11. Hartleys Additional Regiment
  12. The Bennington Flag
  13. The Bunker Hill Falg
  14. Bedford minutmen
  15. Early North Carolina militia Flag
  16. Delaware militia flag
  17. Various congressdional flags [6]
  18. Join or Die militia flag [6]
  19. Yellow Liberty and snake militia flag [6]
  20. In God we trust militia flag [6]
  21. Yellow and black militia flag [5]
  22. Blue Liberty militia flag [5]
Richardson, E.W. : Standards and Colors of the American Revolution. The University of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolution and Its Color Guard, 1982.

Lawson, C.P.C.: A History of the Uniforms of the British Army, Vol III. Nicolas Vane publisher LTD. London.

Unknown: Badges of H.M. Services. Published by W.M. Briggs & Co. LTD, Manchester, 1946. Foreword by Major T.J. Edwards
NOTES [1] Guard units send to the colonies did not bring their colours with them
[2] The 2nd regiment did not go to the american colonies.
[3] This is a slightly older version of the regimental colours than what is described by the 1768 warrant.
[4] We have not been able to verify that this is indeed the colurs of the 84th, but it looks good.
[5] Speculativ design based on general patterns
[6] Purely imaginative design
[7] The flag for the Iroquise Nations is a reproduction of a contemporary flag