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At this page we plan to publish a lot of the games and scenarios that we play. Every wednesday we meet to play a game, so the number of scenarios is almost unlimited. Unfortunately, not everyone publishes their work, so only a litle bit of all the scenarios can be found here. We hope that we will be able to bring you many, many more.
RulesNameShort descriptionDownload
DBM Megiddo The Battle of Megiddo, 1481 BC. In 1481 BC a coalition of Canaanite and Syrian cities rebelled against Egyptian rule, led by the kings of Qadesh and Megiddo. They planned to halt the advance of the Egyptian Pharaoh, Thutmose III as far south as possible and therefore chose the city of Megiddo as their site for defense. Download som PDF-fil
Flint & Steel Bennington The battle of Bennington, Agust 16, 1777. One of the scenarios from our Saratoga series. The famous battle where a german force tries to rescue its comrades who are under heavy attack from the patriots. This is a tough nut! Download som PDF-fil
Flint & Steel Hubbarton The battle of Hubbarton, July 7, 1777. Another of the scenarios from our Saratoga series. Here the american rearguard under colonel Warner is trying to fend of a not-so-determined british attack. Download som PDF-fil
Flint & Steel Oriskany Oriskany, Agust 6, 1777. Another of the scenarios from our Saratoga series. Here the patriot forces walk into an ambush planned by Jospeh Brants indians and Johnsons loyalists. Download som PDF-fil
DBM Bosco Marengo The Battle of Bosco Marengo, AD 1447. One of the scenarios from Rune Kramers series on rennaissance Italy. Here an army from Milan takes on the french army. Download som PDF-fil
DBM Chur Skirmishes along the Chur, February 6, 1499. Another rennaissance scenario. Here the german landsknecht pikemen bump into a group of very determined swiss pikemen. Download som PDF-fil
DBM Ponte di Crevola The Battle of Ponte di Crevola, AD 1487. We are back in northern Italy with a milanese army with all its splendor and armor clashes with the swiss pikemen. Download som PDF-fil
DBM Giornico Valley The Ambush in Giornico Valley, AD 1478. Next scenario in the rennessaince Italy series. Here the milanese army falls into an ambush by the swiss pikemen. Its a difficult situation for the milanese. Download som PDF-fil
DBM Ranagnano Sesia Ranagnano Sesia, AD 1449. The last scenario in the small series of rennaissance Italy. Once again the milanese and the french bump into each other. Download som PDF-fil
DBM Trebbia Battle of Trebbia, BC 218. The famous battle from northern Italy where Scipio is attacked by Hannibal who has made his famous crossing of the alps. Download som PDF-fil
DBM Southern Italy Southern Italy, AD 1448. This is a generic battle between the holy roman emperor and Alfonso V of Aragonia over the contol of Sicily and southern Italy. Download som PDF-fil
DBM Chaeronea in Boeotia Chaeronea in Boeotia, BC 86. Also known as Sulla goes to Greece. In this scenario the roman army under Sulla fights a combined army of hellenistic and pontic origin. Download som PDF-fil