Bits and pieces

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The official screensaver (1.5 Mb file) from the Danish Miniature Wargames Society is available for download here. Note that this file is compressed with WinZip, but once you unpack it you should be able to install it on your computer. Please let us know if you run into problems.
Noblemen and Peasants is a set of rules written by Thomas Jantzen for skirmish level games of medieval siege warfare. It contains 7 pages in total, but is a very well suited set of rules that has given us hours of fun games storming walls and climbing latters. [Last updated 15-05-2002]
Also in the department of skirmish rule sets is The Grunt Factor. The Grunt Factor as created by our very webmaster Claus Paludan and is a skirmish game for the second world war. [Last updated: 26-10-2000]