Klaus Konrad 3. battle in Italy

The journal of Klaus Konrad had been upgraded from a small black book to a A4 data record with names of all his soldiers and with room for medals and future stories of glory.

The battle had been going back and forth and Klaus was back where he had started out loosing the patrol to the gum chewing us boys. He had gained the upper hand in the last battle when they had tried to pass his position to the north. So he was back in no man´s land.

Having been in the area before he wanted the surpport of another pzgrenadier section and try to push on the right flank. So no scouts or tanks, that would make the US bazuka teams worthless.

In the patrole phase both sides got their markers spred out nice and even.

The jump of points was put evenly out on the field.


Rdy to go Klaus's men did not thrust his plan and they went into the battle with moral of 8 (stupid raddit) against the US moral of 11 they must have got a new load of bubblegum.

The US having the initiv with 3 phases in row ended up sending a lousy patrole team of 2  men into the woods to see if any germans was heading their way.

HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!

Klaus Konrad would have none of this sneaking. He wanted to push the right side and make use of the extra section and not wait for the US to gain any ground for surprises. He and two sections went into the woods and up towards the scouts.

The US placed a MG section up in the hegde and pulled the scouts back out to the road while the sound of chickens could be heard.

Klaus Moved up in the forrest while 1. section under Unterofficer Johan Krusse 23 year old 6 foot tall role model in hitler's 3. reich was comming up the cover the far right.


 The US shifted an MG and a rifle section took on the middel german section commanded by unterofficer Fritz Meyer age 48 office clerck aus Berlin. Another rifle section moved up on our left flank.

1. Section moves up on the right and 2. section fires back on the rifleteam. 4 m1 garand vs 2 Mg42 and 3 rifles even I should win this one (had not counted the moved MG into the calculation) The surpport section goes on overwatch.

The 60mm mortar "killed" 2 men in 1 section. The rest of the US fire was gum boys shooting in the air.  The troops on our left moves futher to the left and sends a two man patrole out.

With them out of the way we go for the all out attack. All weapons blassing the rifle teams get a couple of dead and alot of shock. Even a junior leader gets wounded (Steffan you need to see what happens to him). Actung Actung Here the Huns are comming.


Your troops are runing form the battle. US troops are pulling out with 2 dead and 2 wounded.

End situation and other fotos from a fine day of battle.

Forward Klaus Konrad von Loss.


Thx for a good game.