1st feb Art de la Guerre

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1st feb Art de la Guerre

Post by Wkeyser » Mon 30 Jan, 2017 10:43

I am going to set up a Medival game using the French Rules Art de la Guerre. They kind of fall between DBA and DBM/Fields of Glory in complexity but seem to have some good things from all.

I will run this after playing some evil fantasy stuff with Rune!!!

Here is a quick overview.
L’Art de la Guerre is played with bases comprising from one to four figures or a single model (as in DBM). A unit is the basic element for manoeuvre and combat. Units are represented by a single base for mounted and light troops or a combination of two or three bases for other foot units.
• An army will generally consist of from twenty to thirty units divided into three corps (right wing, centre and left wing), each led by a commander.
•Adjacent units from the same corps can move together as a group. Each commander can issue orders to his units (or groups of units) every game-turn. The more capable the commander, the more different or complex orders he can give to his troops.
•Each troop type is defined by its principal function on the battlefield rather than by a list of its weapons or the amount of its armour. Each troop type has a basic factor against other troops.
•In l’Art de la Guerre, each unit has a number of cohesion points. Heavier troops in close formation start with more cohesion points than lighter ones. The losses from shooting and close combat gradually reduce a unit’s cohesion and when it reaches zero the unit is routed and removed from play.
•The combat system is very simple: for every combat both player rolls 1D6 and add their unit's base factor plus any bonuses; the higher score wins the combat and the losing unit suffers cohesion losses that vary according to the difference between the two results.
•Troops armed with missile weapons can shoot: archers, cavalry, light troops, etc. A successful shot results in the target losing one cohesion point. Obviously it is better to weaken a unit by shooting before charging it.
•Light troops perform their historical role of harassing the enemy with missile weapons. If charged by heavier troops in clear terrain they must flee and if contacted they are eliminated.
•L'Art de la Guerre has specific rules for charges, impetuous troops, evading, interpenetration, bursting through friends, rallying units, routs, pursuit and even elephant rampage!
•You will also find complete rules for the placement of terrain, ambushes, flank marches and adding an allied corps to your army.
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