Cherry trees bloom heads roll

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Cherry trees bloom heads roll

Post by Wkeyser » Wed 15 Nov, 2017 09:36

HI Guys
Well am getting into more Ronin so all of you that have Samurai get your gangs ready, you will need to make up 200pt and 100pt lists.

If you want I will make cards like I do for my miniatures, a photo with the stats.

I think this will start in December as we finishing the Market Garden campaign first.

I have a bunch of new buildings and I hope to have my Castle done. Below is a photo of the castle that was reconstructed from period drawings.


Here is the inn that will be center to a few sake fueled duels.


Here are the castle walls and Gateway that I am putting together!!!


So finish those buntai that are half painted but dont paint the heads as they are going to lose them anyway!!!

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Nicolai Bang Foss
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Re: Cherry trees bloom heads roll

Post by Nicolai Bang Foss » Thu 16 Nov, 2017 08:59

Cool - tænkte på at tage Frederik med til det på et tidspunkt hvis det kan passe

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Re: Cherry trees bloom heads roll

Post by Michael Høyer » Sun 19 Nov, 2017 12:17

I am game
Michael Høyer

I confess, I have shiny models syndrome.

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