Ninja 19th November

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Ninja 19th November

Postby Wkeyser » Sun 16 Nov, 2014 15:40


Some more details on the scenario without giving anything away.

Four Ninja each has been assigned a task by his master, this can arrange from finding and returning an item to despicable assassination!

Each player has a Ninja and will be able to pick items that he can use on his mission. Ranging from a blowpipe with poison darts to a grapnel to aid in climbing. Each player than has to get his ninja thru the village filled with villagers, if a villager, ronin, ashigaru or Samurai (a busy town) sees a ninja the cry goes up and all move towards the Ninja and try to kill the unwelcome guest. The towns people will be moving around so the ninja must stay out of sight.

Now the town is a quiet and peaceful place but as the shouts and dead pile up it becomes harder and harder for the ninja to accomplish his/her mission (yes Stefan is the chick ninja Akkio the bright child).

We have four slots, one left! Jens II, Stefan AKKIO the bright girl child, and Michael
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Re: Ninja 19th November

Postby Jakob Åkjær » Sun 16 Nov, 2014 19:17


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Re: Ninja 19th November

Postby Stefan Karolyi-Brink » Tue 18 Nov, 2014 22:47

Can't make it :(

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