Chain of Command

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Stefan Karolyi-Brink
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Re: Chain of Command

Postby Stefan Karolyi-Brink » Wed 16 May, 2018 10:26

PSYOPS :lol: vigtigt før et slag 8)

I skal allesammen dø! Sådan er det bare... Hvorfor kæmpe imod jeres tyske venner, når vi sammen kan nedkæmpe den røde fare?! Vi er de eneste der står mellem et frit Europa og de røde!

Jeres ynkelige forsøg på at nedkæmpe de få tyske styrker der er i byen er slået fejl. På trods af overlegne styrker på jeres side. Giv nu op! Lad os nu bare være venner!

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Henrik Sveidahl
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Re: Chain of Command

Postby Henrik Sveidahl » Wed 16 May, 2018 12:15

In your dreams Hinzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzze. Gør klar til lidt napalm, fra mine P47 :shock:
You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.
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Jens F Hansen
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Re: Chain of Command

Postby Jens F Hansen » Sat 19 May, 2018 11:28

Battel Report 2nd of April.

Lt. Brian Osborn.
Commanding 2nd platoon Able Company.

This afternoon we attacked the target town for the second time and the experience of 1st platoon was drawn into the plan of the attack. 2nd squad move up the a stone wall and took the town under view. The 2 tanks in support moved up left flank under my personal direction. The 60mm mortars were put into place and tanks, 1st and 2nd squad were ready to fire on any German that would poke his head up. Then a smell of curry started to drift over the battlefield from Bravo company’s area of attack and something about that the lid was of the curry pot sounded in the air. Everybody I my fine platoon forgot what they were doing and the BAR team of 3ed squad got shot to pieces in the middle of the road with their noses in the air???? WFT pardon my French.

Once again I tried to get the men to focus on their task and that took some time but everyone got back on watching for the Germans. Then suddenly the skies opens up and the rain comes pureeing down. The rain was really coming down and I mean it was raining cats and dogs. Not able to see anything and fearing the German pz cherck teams, the tanks were useless to me now!!

1st and 2nd squad moved up the road and took on the German mg42 that covered the crossroads. 3ed squad made a run for it and ran into an alleyway in the town. Loosing 2 men, 3ed squad made it to the town and made it safely to the house of target and taking a jump off point. Surrounded they felt the Germans moving in and them back off again as the sound of a Sherman main gun pounding the mg42 the flank.

Coporal Stever Matthews had driven his tank into a field of cows and slowly made it forward until he spotted the Germans and opened fire. The combined arms of the Sherman and 1st and 2nd squad made the mg42 crumble and go away. A team of pz check suddenly appeared in the open field and took a shot at Stevens and his tank, missing by a clear meter or so. Stevens’s best buddy Charles Whitehall in Miss Betty, a Sherman M4, had been left standing on the left and as the rain had cleared, it had a clean shot to the two Germans. One Nazi died and the other ran away.

A pz knacker team showed up and took another shoot at Stevens tank, hitting its main gun and making Stevens scream “BACK, BACK BACK”. While he was backing away Miss Betty opened up on the Germans again taking two of them down and sending the rest running away.
Now from the other end of the battlefield the smell of curry drifted my way and a barrage of heavy mortars rained down over the town.
With a squad in town and the enemies flanked turned it is a question about time before it falls.

Lt. Osborn.
Stevens attack.JPG
Attack in the rain
Stevens attack.JPG (135.64 KiB) Viewed 22 times
A smell of curry.JPG
A smell of curry.JPG (186.54 KiB) Viewed 22 times
A good German.JPG
Is a dead German
A good German.JPG (193.6 KiB) Viewed 22 times
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Henrik Sveidahl
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Re: Chain of Command

Postby Henrik Sveidahl » Wed 23 May, 2018 10:40

Hello German people.
Beschwöre das deutsche Volk.
Essen Wein und Singen, wir teilen es alle und teilen es mit guten deutschen Männern und Frauen, die den amerikanischen Befreiern helfen werden.

Come and help your self with the liberation from the NAZI's, free food and beverages in the town square in Dubistmegasvansburg.
You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.
Winston Churchill

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