Nuts oct 26th

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Nuts oct 26th

Post by Wkeyser » Fri 30 Sep, 2016 14:09

Will run two scenarios using Nuts, it us a skirmish level game.

The scenari will be 82nd airborne night action normandy

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stefan Karolyi-Brink
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Re: Nuts oct 26th

Post by stefan Karolyi-Brink » Sun 02 Oct, 2016 22:54


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Re: Nuts oct 26th

Post by Michael Høyer » Mon 03 Oct, 2016 07:18

Up and at them
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Re: Nuts oct 26th

Post by Per Plambech Hansen » Mon 03 Oct, 2016 17:10

Im in

Jakob Åkjær
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Re: Nuts oct 26th

Post by Jakob Åkjær » Tue 04 Oct, 2016 15:56


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