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Post by Thomas Theis Nielsen » Mon 31 Jan, 2005 17:23


Skirmish and mob are abilties not formations.

> 1) Skirmishing and mob. Are these actual formations or are they
> of an 'ability' of a unit?

The cavalry formation of 'loose' is shown by having the bases a
little bit apart. They then get to move faster in loose. Formed
cavalry have their melee number multiplied by a factor. (1.5?)
Skirmish ability lowers the fire directed at them by one column on
the table.

> 2) Is skirmishing the same as indicated on all the cavalry units.
> They have a movement rate for loose and formed respectively? If
> these numbers are not indicative of skirmishing formations (they
> also appear on non-skirishing units) what are they? And apart from
> the different movement, what are the consequencies of these two
> different cavalry formations?
I think crawling is an extra word that means the same as evading.
Some units (infantry) have a lower evade move. If the unit didn't
move or has a pin marker on it. The unit is also evading. Evading
units get a -1 column on the fire table.

> 3) "Taget evading crawling". Thats what it says on the quick
> reference sheet, but we cant find anywhere else mentioning anything
> about crawling? How does that work?

The retire move isn't the same as being evasive. (Steve said,

> 4) Evasive. This is just the number a unit falls back if it is
> forced to retire?

The evasive benefit on the fire table applies to troops 'hitting the
dirt' to make themselves less of a target. That can be voluntary by
moving at or less than the evade move, or involuntary by being

> 5) More of the same. On p.11 it says that a pinned unit is
> considered to be evading. For what purposes? It seems to me at
> to indicate that evasion is something you can actually choose to
> and not necesarilly something you are forced to do.

My last game played in the series was 'John Bull'. There the rule was
companies exchange firefights, and elsewhere they defined companies
as including artillery, etc. Red Actions might be subtly different
in this regard.

> 6) Firefights. Inf can enter into a firefight with other inf if
> are shot at within close range. But... do art enter into firefights
> as well with other art/inf or whatever. Conversely; if an inf unit
> is fired at within its own close range by an art. unit may it
> fire as per a firefight?

The leader abilities apply to the unit he is attached to. So in case
#1, that unit would gain the benefit of skirmisher. In case #2, the
unit would be penalised with the mob ability. Note that 'specialist'
troops ignore the mob penalty from their leaders.

Hope I was able to help. Now I have a question, was Saturday some
sort of holiday in Scandinavia involving pea soup? The reason I'm
asking is that the Philly based 'American Swedish Historical Museum'
had a pea soup dinner on Saturday night.



> 7) Leaders. Almost all of the officers have an ability. Most of
> are pretty straight forward, but a few did cause us some problems.
> Actually, we return to the formation issue from above. If an
> has skirmishin printed on him, will he always cause a unit to be in
> skirmish formation, or does he merely make it possible to enter
> skirmish? The same question goes for Mob i guess even if it is more
> difficult to see why you would actually WANT to be in a mob
> formation.
> I think thats all for now. Hope you can help us out and that i can
> return later this week with more questions.
> Thanks
> Thomas /

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Post by Thomas Theis Nielsen » Mon 31 Jan, 2005 23:51

Mere fra samme skuffe - denne gang fra kaptajnen HIMSELF!

As usual, Steve, you have hit the nail on the head with your answers. Well done!
One of the funny things we've noticed about RA lately is that while we've played

nothing else for the last 5 months or so, we keep finding things to fine tune.
Yesterday was no exception, as we had a lively debate about a number of aspects
the game. We also attempted to field test the new rallying rules (where a routed
attempting to rally that rolls 2 higher than its number, it will scatter) but
unfortunately all the units that routed (before the general flight of the
whites) passed
their rally rolls, so we still are unsure of it. We did however, think of making
a few
pronouncements, and Thomas' questions are a timely opportunity for us to do

1. Mobs- Red Mobs will not have to roll to move if they have a Cheka unit within
move distance to their flank or rear. If the Cheka unit is in front of them,
they act

2.Firefights. The rulebook says "companies" can have firefights.In boldface, it
says (on
p.9, 2nd paragragh, at the end of point 2, that Vehicles are exempt from
This should also include Artillery. MGs and Cavalry Squadrons can firefight.

3.Loose/Formed/Evasive. At the start of any units action, the owning player may
whether the unit is in either of these "formations" or "modes". If a unit is
fired upon
before it has made an action, the player states its mode before fire is resolved
it, and the proper modifier is applied.
-Now I know some might say that a unit that has been racing across the board all

game towards an objective, that is fired upon before it moves, will always state
that it
is evading, and so never has the moving in open mod. applied. Of course, if the
misses, that unit now has to crawl along at 2 measly inches. Having been
involved in
alot of mad rushes against entrenched foes lately, I can tell you that though
might want to hug the ground, you won't get anywhere like that. Run!

4. Skirmishing Horse. Horse must be in Loose order to count their skirmish
and formed order to make a charge and get the "Formed" benefit (+25% H-t-H
They can make a charge without being formed, but get no benefit.
They just choose which order they are in at the start of their action.
-I know, some of you will say that cavalry of the time never charged in
"close" order- please remember, this rule is only an abstraction, and may mean
they simply attempt to keep a more orderly arrangement when charging, with
or lances out. Besides, most of our charges, like the ones in real life, usually
end in
the target failing their rolls and running before contact. The H-t-H rules are
our least
used section!

5. Pinned units- Thomas, you asked about pinned units being the same as units
evading. This is so (they are trying to not get shot!), with one exception-
troops must pass a rally check if they wish to move.

6. "Target Evading Crawling"- should just say "Target Evading". Sorry for being

7. Retire moves- these are not the same as evasive moves- they are normal moves,

only the retirees end up facing the enemy. For foot, it's 3" and 6" for horse.
If they are
shot at subsequently, they count as moving.

That's it. I hope that this clears stuff up. Once again, thanks for your help
Steve- it is
much appreciated.
-the Captain

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Post by Kristoffer » Wed 02 Feb, 2005 11:10

Lige i øjet, Thomas.
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Post by Thomas Theis Nielsen » Thu 03 Mar, 2005 12:00

Sidste nye fra Perfect Captn:

Guys, ACs and other MG armed vehicles get the same bonus as other MGs.
-the Captain

--- In, "rempas2001" <vastervik@e...> wrote:
> --- In, "thomas_theis2001" <ttn@g...>
> wrote:
> Yes, companies need to check also.
> > 1) This is probably more in department of did-we-get-it-right. Guns
> > and MGs need to take a fear check if they are the target of a
> charge
> > (and the charging unit succeded in its charge check). But we cannot
> > figure out if the same applies to companies that are charged. On
> > some of the tables we found in the files section here it says yes,
> > but we cannot find it in the rule book. So, which one is the
> correct
> > one?
> >
> Not sure. But 1-2 Austin Putilovs would have the same # of MGs firing
> as a RA HMG platoon.
> > 2) ACs. What about those MG-armed ACs? The QRS says that an MG
> > firing within 8" gets a +2 colums to the right. Would you apply
> this
> > also to MG armed ACs?
> >
> I would say yes.
> > 3) Partisans get a bonus of 1 column left if they are in rough
> > terrain. Would this not also apply to woods?

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